The Boatyard

The company was founded in 2008 for the determination of Lorenzo Leonello and Annalisa De Cesare that want to create a shipyard to build blue water sailboats.
The goal is to build a sailboat fruit of their experiences during a 4 years cruise around-the-world (read the logbook in italian ).
In 2010 we launched the Walkabout 43. Currently, however we have in production a smaller model, the Walkabout 39.

The philosophy
The philosophy of the boatyard is to design and build a solid and safe boat to sail  around the world, but also for safe navigation in the Mediterranean.
The streamlined and dynamic company allows a direct relationship with the customer, so as to make feasible customization based on the specific needs of the future owner. The yard is available to follow the owner for the preparation of the boat until the start.

The team
Walkabout take care of the engineering  of the project, of the interiors layout and of the deck and the cockpit. The design of the hull, structural parts and the stability of the boats are made by David Reard. While the interior design of the Walkabout 39 is the Arch. Tommaso Lanini. The hulls of the Walkabout 39 are made by Galeotti & C. supervised by Walkabout.


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