Hull&Deck Kit


This is a suitable solution to those who has a tight budget, but has the time and capacity to complete the boat; also it allows to know every detail of all the systems of your boat, allowing to to intervene easily in case of failures.

The hull is delivered structurally complete with keel and rudders ready to be assembled.

The purchase of the kit includes advice to complete the installation without too much risks and the CAD files for the CNC cutting of the interiors.

We can also provide the various subsystems kit (Engine, mast, electrical system, etc ...) that comprise the executive project and all the components used in the construction. This solution minimizes both the times, being able to just focus on the assembly, and the risks (material purchasing sub-standard or unsuitable).

To complete the installation you need a place (preferably covered) accessible with cranes and trucks, and basic equipment for various processes (drill, screwdriver, saw, vacuum cleaner, etc ...).

About the CE certification, the boat will be self-built and we can provide assistance for the completion of approval practice.



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