Sail Yacht Walkabout 39

A fast cruiser that guarantees safety, high performance, reliability with every weather condition because designed for oceanic navigation.
A challenging goal, which has found support in the technical skills of French designer David Reard. Born from the pencil (or rather from CAD) by David Reard, Walkabout’s yacht, are robust, secure and capable of ensuring tranquility during the more difficult navigation.

Thought for the oceanic crossing, safety, high performance and reliability with all weather, are the main requirements that yard and designer imposed for the Walkabout’s yacht

To guarantee your safety the solidity of the epoxy composite hull , watertight bulkheads at the bow and stern to prevent sinking in case of collisions.

The construction of the hull is in sandwich with epoxy resin. The soul is a closed cell PVC vacuum glued with epoxy resin and the outer skin consists of quadriaxial e-glass fibre laminated with epoxy resin.

The sandwich obtained has 35 mm thickness and in addition to providing great robustness has an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

The deck-house is made of sandwich composed for the internal skin of tissues of bi-axial e-glass laminated with epoxy, PVC foam bonded under vacuum with epoxy, and for the outer skin quadri-axial e-glass laminated with epoxy resin under vacuum over male model to get an elegant and self-supporting form .

A technology and quality of materials to ensure solidity and light displacement.
Junction hull-deck

Unlike the typical production boats the deck isn’t bolted and glued to the hull, but laminated to it so you get a monolithic structure that guarantees maximum resistance to the enormous efforts torsional induced by ocean navigation.

Carbon fiber chain-plates laminate on the hull for a maximum resistance with excellent uniformity of materials.

Frame of structural reinforcements in laminated plywood at the bottom of the hull to distribute the efforts of the keel.


Planing hull, light displacement, important sail area, triangular shape, straight and vertical bow, large maximum beam , are the design features inspired by the most modern ocean racing boats.

The goal is to get a hull that can be achieved with maximum security and control, speed, especially downwind important characteristic of oceanic navigation with the trade winds.

The keel consists of a steel blade which supports a torpedo-shaped lead bulb, carinate and laminated.

The head of the keel blade is milled in a truncated pyramid shape and used as a mould for the fiberglass housing. This is then laminated on the base of the hull, previously laminated in monolitycs for a large area around the keel.

From the housing departs all the reinforcements laminated to the bottom of the hull. In this way the blade of the keel fit precisely in the housing and the effort are spread evenly on the frames without spot of major effort.


The blade is made with a female mold with fibers biaxial fiberglass and laminated with epoxy resin. The shaft of the rudder is made of stainless steel AISI 630 (17/4PH) and self-aligning bushings, that guarantee the lack of vibration at high speeds.




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